How Many Of You Ever Click a "Link in Bio?"

Be honest as I’m just curious. I’m not talking about your own links - you’re browsing Instagram & someone says “Link in bio”. Do you ever purposely visit their bio & click the link?

  • All the time
  • I have, but not regularly
  • Never

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I do it all the time. But just to see what kind of crap is being promoted :slight_smile:


nah never but i tell them link in bio lol

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I never browse Instagarm or visit other links…

Perhaps I should though.

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Exactly! I am only clicking the links to learn new tactics on how they are promoting their links safely, what hosting they are using, what they are offering, checking their traffic, and how much money is made/click or referral.

Rarely would I ever click a link because I am interested in a product. I just search it up on Amazon, or these Chinese websites and find it cheaper.


Partly surprised there are more “Never”

You guys are missing out.


Totally agree with you. You can always something learn from concurrents.

If I smell affiliate marketing, every single link will be clicked :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well perhaps this isn’t the best audience to be asking, but I suspect the results are fairly accurate.

Point of the poll was to simply see what kind of traffic IG generates. Aside from “professional” curiosity, it looks like about 15% of people actually take action.

I love clicking bio links, every time I do I get a free landing page :smiley:


I only click scammy looking links to give away my free password and people advertising to get unlimited free followers :smile:

If IG has 1200 links all over it, I have pretty much clicked 3000, p.s including checking out store or going deeper to see the content locker theme, or even to see their checkout😊

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Haha your a mad man! At least you get to see some great examples and see patterns to help you along with your own journey.

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All the time! If not for curiosity, to “spy on competition” and learn new tactics.

Just sake of learning , but actually its wrong to ask it here as we are the ones who know about this , but ppl that are intrested in other stuff is more likely to click on

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