How many people you can invite into a Facebook Page

Hello guys,

So, basically, im inviting to like my facebook page to all the people that like my posts. I have two different accounts doing it, but since yesterday, i received a message saying i cant do it anymore.

This are my settings:

Maybe is too much.

What you guys think?


I been using “Toolkit for Facebook” as I had the luck to not get blocked with my Facebook accounts when logging in with incognito ( please don’t try this as you have almost 90% chance to ban those accounts, i had the luck because my accounts are warmed+local targeted+created with proxy and logged with my home ISP for many times )

I set the delay to 0 seconds and spamming the invite system, got from 10000 friends around 10% likes to the page targeted .

On my personal account, I’m able to invite 1000 per day.

On fake, but real looking :slight_smile: aged accounts, facebook would block me after 500-600 invites.

So, it depends on account I guess.