How many posts can you archive safely?

I have a very big account with over 1000 posts that I want to reprofile. Its over 4 years old and still used with light actions.

I want to archive all the posts manually. How many do you think is safe per day and won’t get my account disabled?

On My Personal Account I had around 450 posts and recently I decided to archive my old posts as they were too old ( My Account is 7 Years old ) so I archived 400 posts, Remaining 50 were the recents posts and I didn’t saw any action block or anything…

400 in how long? one day?

You can’t do that in one day if you want than also :rofl:. Coz manually archiving a post is really stressing… You need to take some breaks like after archiving 25-50 posts but yes I did it in 2 days… And I think it depends on your account health too cause my account is super active from past 7 years. And I did Facebook ads on this accounts. So yeah it worked for me but I can’t guarantee for you…

I use it daily, just dont post. I dm, like etc. I was thinking 100 a day would be doable hopefully. as it would be months till I can use it if lower.

100 is definitely safe…

You can even do 150-200. Just do in batches of 25-35.

I’ve done over a hundred in a day and it was fine.