How many same domain link in bio or this depends on the domain content?

I’d like to create up to 15x IG accounts and put similar link on those accounts like this:

My domain is my Wordpress blog. I’d like to drive traffic from all those IG accounts and other social media to my blog and on my blog I’ll put ads, affiliate links, etc to finally start earning some money :wink:

So each link is different (that way I can count clicks in Google Analytics) but all those sites will look similar and most important - they all go to the same domain.


  1. Can I use it like this? It’s Wordpress blog so IG won’t ban those accounts, right? :thinking:
  2. I don’t have spam IG accounts, just different accounts for different niches so I assume those IG accounts are safe - thus domain is also safe, right? :wink:

I have multiple domains and I could create multiple blogs but managing multiples blogs is harder than one blog where I can aggregate all content and promote all sales/affiliates, etc.


Sorry, I’m not level 2 yet :frowning:

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Apologies. I missed that.


Thank You @HenryCooper for reply.

That’s where I have problem - I don’t understand why you’d want to limit yourself to 3 accounts per domain when affiliate programs use milion links on IG to the same domain and won’t be banned?
So I think it’s more domain related:
-good domain = safe,
-bad domain = ban.
And not the number of links?

Now you are mixing with “”. carries different “trust” then a TLD that is 4 days old and a .win ending :slight_smile: Also the domain matters in combination with the fingerprint you bring into play. All those “millions” of links do not share your fingerprint, your behavior, your pattern (machine learning).

If you think that will work for you, try it out and don’t get stuck at analyzing it :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes, so other with no access to level2 can learn from your experience too.


Thank You. I understand.

15 IG accounts split by 3 give me 5 TLDs.
Maybe it won’t be that much work with 5 blogs - I’ll have to test this.
Thank You :slight_smile:

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Maybe I missed to add that we use that technique for pre-landers with different HTML structure.


Okay, now I changed my mind - I’ll go with 1 TLD for 15 IG accounts, lol :joy:

Why I should even bother with trying to fool IG - they will find me anyway :wink:
-I have all domains on one hosting.
-All my domains are always .com
-Even different TLDs will have same affiliate links on them.
-I always use only one Wordpress theme with the same plugins, etc.

Simply, once I figure out something I use it everywhere because I don’t have time to learn how to do/use something in 10 different ways :wink: And because of that - for IG - all my IG accounts and TLDs will look the same anyway :slight_smile:

They will find me :mag::passport_control::customs::no_entry_sign::police_car::policeman::chains:

This all is so much read/work/tests/etc. - omg :wink:
Normal job 8hr per day is so much easier and even more profitable lol :wink: :joy: