How many same @ in bio (slaves

Hey, soon im gonna set my slaves into bio traffic pointers for my main, since they all pretty fatboys 6 accounts 5-15k followers each, I wanna do it carefully, are there any issues ppl face with with this? will be very appreciated for insights about this, Ty
*All run manually, 2 accounts per device+local SIM ( all local ips different networks per device)

i usually put in 2-3 bio on my aged slave accounts… one thing to note is do not do them all at the same time… meaning on day 1 update the bio pointing to the main on account A, on day 2 update the next account B… etc and so on

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I have seen people mentioning 5-6 per account and I think you can do that too.

Just do it randomly at different days within a few weeks and you should be fine.


i mean i only want to share 1@ main on 6 accounts

That’s not a big deal,You can do within a week and I have tested it.

Do mention on 2 accounts today,1 after 2 days and randomly tag it slowly within 7-10 days and you will be fine.

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The most I have is 30 accounts mentioning main account. I don’t think there’s a specific limit if done manually but I’m sure there is added risk and an obvious connection between all accounts

Interested to hear if anyone has more

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great insights man thank you, how much followers they have? I believe as higher followers (account reach)number are, the more attention ig(police) gives and becoming much more restrictive

I think that you can have more than 30 accounts easily mentioning one account in the bio,why?

This also depends on how much humanly does the slave accounts behave in order to not shadowban the bio link.

Let’s say you have two accounts for an example,One is purely used for spamming with no posts/very less,no profile picture,no dm convos,daily follow-unfollow etc which clearly indicates spam.

And now you have the second account which is very active and emulates real human/it is actually a human.Posts 2-3x a week,have a proper bio,profile picture,scrolls feed,spends time on explore,watches ads,haves convo in the dm’s etc what every normal human does.

Now ask yourself which has higher chances of being detected?
When the accounts mentioning your main account are humanly,aged and behaves like a normal user then you are only limited by the number of slaves you can handle,also doing this slowly will be important.

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you can go up to 5 accounts per bio, but as the guys said above you should start very slowly then work your way up.


You can easily do 5-6 mentions per account,This is what I have commonly seen on Instagram.

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It does add the risk of banning your whole account network since all the accounts are connected. If it’s done properly, you don’t have to worry about it even if you tag your main on 200 accounts. Either ways your main account is safe as long as your dont rise any suspecious activities on it.


It also depends on how good is your network which mentions the main account,If those accounts are spamming daily then your link becomes unclickable or it might get disabled.


So what the properly way exactly?

My network is organically pure, no bot no spam no hashtags no f/uf no DMS no mass like, only post 1-3/story/post a day each account done manually comments etc I only grow trough explore page, 3 phones, 3 SIM cards, 2acc per phone

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Why don’t you consider growing each account individually without @ in the Bio. And funnel the followers to one main using just DMs and story mentions

How about highlights mention my main?
I wanna avoid actually from bio mention
I have a bad feelin about this, risking my main+network :confused:

Don’t you think that very few would actually go through the highlights? Funneling using DMs is perfectly fine. Lets assume that you gain 20 per slave on an average per day, or even if its 30. 30 DMs a day is not bad, especially if you intend to do manually or even using mobile proxies.