How many scraper accounts should I have for each niche to get 10,000-30,000 story views a day

Hey. I’m running two scraper accounts with Jarvee for a particular niche and only getting about 30 views per action completed because it’s not scraping enough users fast enough. The target sources aren’t an issue as I literally have 63 different target accounts with lots of followers. Any suggestions?

It’s not the scraper accounts fault.

It’s just that the API call limit is so restricted/low when going through the mob api. Most of the other tools built specifically for story viewing/voting use the web api to scrape and the mob api to perform actions.

As far as I know, Jarvee only scrapes using the mob api…

Try targting the likers only as this may help.

Beware of account compromised message haha. You’re bound to get it unless account is verfied.

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What do you need to Scrape from Web API? An Instagram Account logged and thats all? Is slower/faster Web API than Mobi API?

You need to use the web endpoints to scrape.

I don’t think this is currently possible to scrape via the embedded browser on Jarvee, but you would need a tool that uses the web endpoints to scrape data on followers as Jarvee uses MGP25 onnly to my knowledge which has a ton of issues in this moment when scraping through mobi api.

I’m not a dev so I can’t be more helpful than that. Just a marketer who knows a little about automation that i had to learn out of necessity.

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Oh I’ve already got it! They are so restrictive nowadays! Obviously they know funny business is going on when they see a proxy log in from Italy :woman_facepalming:t3:

Well your amazing and I seriously appreciate your input!!! You rock!

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No problem, I hope that clarifies thingns!

It did! And totally makes sense! Thanks!