How many story views per day can you do on jv nowadays?

Before starting to have problems or getting your accounts disabled ofc, also what’s the best source for story viewing, hashtags, geo locations or ??

Thanks in advance !!

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i think 75k or so

Sounds like a lot, what about the best source for story viewing ?

depends on your niche , add 20-30 accounts and see the followback ratio after 1 week and so on till you find a good one

out of curiosity, what is considered good FBR with story views?


That’s so sad :joy::pensive: but i don’t want it for account growth, i want people to check the bios of my child accounts let’s say.

don’t bother if you think using stories for child accs

more than 20k/day for 1 acc. but engagement 0.2% lol


Dude, i asked two questions, if you don’t have answers then be quit, i don’t need your useless negative comments in my thread.

My mistake i didnt read very well. Hashtags are ok and relevant popular accounts for sources

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20k-30k is usually still safe. Use all sources and check the results. Will be different from account to account.


hi every acc have 20-30k story view. but my engangement only.0.2-0.3% is that normal?

seems about right, people usually go for super broad hashtags so those “end-users” will see as some random person, why would you care to check who watches your stories? -> triggers him to follow u?

hi @Luffy how you set up 20-30K in JV? I tried today and I see max 12K thanks!