How many times I should rotate my 4g proxy per day?

How many times I should rotate my 4g proxy per day and what’s the benefit of rotation ?

The benefit of rotation is that you can use multiple IP addresses in a certain time period. Hence, you can use multiple accounts and they won’t use the same IP. Let’s say your proxy rotates every 30min. Then at every 30min you have a clean IP address. This means that you can schedule each of your accounts’ actions to be at 30min intervals. Meaning that account 1 will use a proxy between 09:00-09:30 and then from 09:30 to 10:00 account 2 will use another proxy.

Regarding the rotation period. It all depends on what your setup is.

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I want to use 5 accounts for proxy . So how many times I should rotate my proxy ? Is to right that if I rotate more then 4 times a day Instagram will block my accounts ?

You can choose a proxy that rotates every hour.

Where did you get the information that if you rotate a proxy more than 4 times a day Instagram will block your accounts?

I agree, 4G Mobile proxies are the best at the moment…

Depends on your needs and number of actions.
You can rotate from 0 to almost :infinity: times


I’m starting to think im using 4g proxies wrong. I run 5 accounts at the same time and then after 12 hours run a different 5 on a static 4g proxy…is this going to cause action blocks if it isn’t rotating?

There are no real static 4G IPs.
Mobile networks are NAT’d - that means your provider will assign you an internal IP, but the outgoing/public one is

  • shared with many users across their network (across a region/country)
  • can change any time the provider wishes to, as it’s not yours

Almost every provider on this planet will assign you a new outgoing IP after some time (for example, with @HenryCooper proxies it’s roughly 10 hours after the last connect)
Disconnects, Tower changes and so on will decrease that window :slight_smile:


An 4G ip is never static. It has an interval where the provider will change yours automatically in my country is around one hour but you can rotate it even faster. I won’t recommend, it’s better to stay with that kind of static and run 5 accounts at a time than rotate the IPs, that’s better for account creation :slight_smile:

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This, also I think it’s a huge overkill to only have 1 account per proxy. Jarvee recommends 1-2 accounts but you can usually go with 3 accounts per proxy without a huge risk.

A set interval would be suspicious.

In automation, generally… random intervals are prefered, because we have to assume that Mark is tracking everything :wink:.
We rotate proxies with random time intervals.
e.g. a 6hr rotation will never be exactly 360min constantly, it will vary -/+ 2 to 9min from the set rotation period.
The lower the rotation time, the lower the randomization variable. In our case, a 5min rotation will hardly have a random variable (but that is not needed for account creation, anyway).

Also, if you know how to manage your rotation intervals and set your timers in JV correctly … and have a dedicated 4G Mobile Proxy… You can run a ton of IG accounts off a single 4G Proxy (not even counting any other Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. accounts).
But if your 4G Mobile Proxy is shared, and you are not the only customer on that connection, you are f… ed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
This is the difference between unlimited proxies and restricted ones (nr of accounts and which sites are restricted).
This is where the prices vary between 12-120 USD per proxy :wink: See, told you… random variables… even in proxy pricing.
My advice, ask your proxy provider, they have the experience and skills to setup your ideal rotation for you :+1:

Open a marketplace thread if you want to advertise