How many times should I post per day?

I’ve been using Jarvee to repost reels on a viral/funny video page I’ve been growing, but I’ve noticed my reach drop drastically.

Could this be because I’m posting 5+ times per day? I’m considering lowering the posts to 2-3 per day, but I’m wondering if posting reels through a 3rd party app is killing my reach.

What do you guys think?

Are you posting it to Reels only or do you also share the reel to your wall?

If you’re not sharing it to the wall, you might want to consider doing so after this since not all countries support Reels up to this day so they will only see your Reel if you post it to your wall too.

Referencing this as well from Reels Question - Original Audio vs. Library Audio - #2 by AbdelGueraa by @AbdelGueraa:

“What I found is that posting to reels without sharing the reel to wall get less views than posting it to reels section and sharing to wall.”

yeah, 5 times a day is not a good idea, 2 to 3 times is the max and I would say even one time should work correctly for you no one wants to see so many posts from the same page every day.

You should limit your posts to 1-2 posts. It’s always better to have fewer posts and to concentrate on the quality of them.

if its a meme page, at least 3-4 a aday