How many topics I’ve entered

I’m so sorry I know this topic has already been discussed bcos I’m sure I’ve read it - but I’ve searched for 2 days and cannot re-find it! So please forgive me for asking again
How do I see how many topics I have entered? It doesn’t appear to be on my general activity stats
Thanks and sorry again!

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i think you cant find it under summary cus you may post lany posts to one topic/thread so i guess you’ll have to dl in csv then sort it by unique to see

PS: i did not test what i said cus i’ve never bothered since its something you can control


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@embraceone So sorry if this was in the wrong forum. How do I move it? Delete and re-post? Sorry again

no worries they will move it just sit back & relaxe

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Like this? @Jessica8789 @embraceone

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Thank you SO much!


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the number of topic you’ve entred is the number of topic you read

Yes thank you for your help
I know that but I can’t see where I can find that stat. It’s not with the other summary stats?

your welcom yes in summary you find post read

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