How many twitter accounts can i run on my home (residential) IP?

Hey guys, I have a simple question. How many Twitter accounts can I run on my home (residential) IP? currently running jarvee on my boot camped Mac mini, I’m using it as my windows server. Seeing pretty good results with Twitter automation but just curious about how many accounts I should start growing on my home IP?


You can run 5 accounts without issue, but in order to do this you also need to stay under the radar with actions and timing, of course.

I wouldn’t go over 5, but it’s also possible to do so.

Anyway, R&D at your home because no one has the exact same setup, so we all find different things and what works for you might not work for the next one :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for your reply, I’m having 3 accounts in total I wanna grow. I’m going to try to let those rotate a bit in terms of time so that the majority of actions won’t be at the same time of the day!

3 accounts, if you have Jarvee active 24/7 then each account can work 8hrs a day. You may set up the night mode intervals on the accounts so that only 1 account runs at a given time in an 8-hr interval.

When it comes to your Home IP, you should be able to run 3-5 accounts without problems. But when it comes to proxies, I wouldn’t go over 2-3 Twitter accounts per IP.