How much are empty verified accounts worth?

I am not selling verified accounts, don’t PM me.
What I am interested in is how much would you pay for an empty Instagram account with a verified badge?

Worth both my kidneys :drooling_face: #ontopicnoideasorry

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I know of a guy who sells them. I think he charges $1,000 for phished verified accounts. He does not guarantee that the account password will not be changed thereafter and all sales are final. I really don’t get why people do that lol.

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Seems like a fair price to me :smiley:

Ahh, I see. Just to clarify, I am not talking about phished accounts. No one wants his/her account to be stolen but does that to others…
I am talking about newish accounts made individually by one person that have verified badges :slight_smile: Nothing illegal, no chance of someone changing passwords.

I would say 1.5-2k if you have sign-up email and guarantee no pullbacks (if you own them)

it can go even higher if the @ is decent cause I remember you can’t change them anymore

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Starting to sound like a sales thread :joy:

(Just pulling your leg)

I really have not seen a verified account for sale in that kind of situation so I don’t know tbh. People usually come to me for verifications, not the other way around haha.

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i just hope you dont turn this into DMing people that you can get them for cheaper

either way, you cant change you name if im not mistaken, so not really much, if you have verified account @fernandoalonzo and your name is Jack Copper…


Thanks :slight_smile: And yes, it is impossible to change the username.

Damn, you got me :smiley: (joking)

If I had accounts like these I would just put them into my marketplace thread together with regular accounts so it’s definitely not a sales thread :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, it is a theoretical question - it is virtually impossible to get fresh accounts verified and I have a thread in marketplace already so there would not be any point in breaking the rules and fishing for DMs :slight_smile:

And yes, since changing the username is not possible, it needs to be changed before verification is done :slight_smile: