How much are you spending to scrape emails from Instagram

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to get a feel for the current scraping going on.

How much are you spending per month on proxies, scraper accounts & software per month?

What kind of results are you getting (how many emails are you scraping per month)?

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I pay 0.10 $ for the account
And the account can scrapping 500-2000 email.
So for the price, it’s really a lot of email.
I pay different fees for the software.
From $ 15 to $ 150 depending on how many days I take.

And you?

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I have no working solution at the moment, what software are you using?

What about proxies? Do you use the same proxy for each 0.10$ account?

If it is yes, very clever idea…You can scrape at least 5000 emails for $1 except the software fee :slight_smile:

you can use Jarvee to scrape emails using this option

How long does it take to scrape 100, 500, 1000 emails? How many accounts in parallel do you use?

Using more than 1-3 scrapers per proxy is a very bad idea - at least if you want to keep them alive for a bit

@schoko, You are right for Jarvee but @Arthuditu said that he uses different software to scrape emails and pays $0.10 per account to get 500 emails.

I thought he uses the same proxy for the next account (cheap $0,10) after the previous one burned on his software.

Or maybe using different cheap proxies for per each account :slight_smile: @Arthuditu ???

it depends on the settings and sources you have added I’m using 5-8 accounts for the moment to scrape.

Lets say filtering by amount of followers and public email, nothing else.