How much bandwidth do I need?


Just looking into going onto a VPS or dedicated server and was wondering about bandwidth.

How much bandwidth is needed for massplanner?

Many thnaks

VPS providers usually offer unlimited bandwidth. What provider you intend to use?

Chicago Vps.

They have this deal
2GB Dedicated Ram
80 GB Pure SSD Diskspace
4 CPU Cores on Dual Xeon E5 CPU
3TB Bandwidth
1000Mbps Port
1 x IPv4 Address

I only manage around 15 accounts.

You can read this aticle that tells you the recommended VPS :slight_smile:

With that configuration you can run 75 accounts

I doubt the bandwidth will ever be your problem unless maybe you post 1000 times a day on 1000 accounts only high quality images of hundreds of mb each…


Thanks for the info.

Does 10 accounts will work fine with only this:

100 Mbit/s port

or the 1000 Mbit/s is crucial ??


Pretty sure with 10 accs you wont hit 1gbps unless you’re only uploading huge videos.

Silly me, of course 1gbps will be better since task will finish faster, so if 1gbps is not overly expensive upgrade it’s the best choice.