How much bandwidth does one facebook account use per month?

If the account shares few images a week from the instagram to the wall, adds friends, likes, shares, and other account action without autoplaying videos how much of bandwidth does account use? 200MB/month?

Very interested in this as well, specifically for Instagram. If anyone has any experience with this please share.

No one can answer that, it depends on how many posts you make per day + the size of those pictures and all the other actions you do. The only way to find out is by trying it yourself with 1 account to just have an idea because it will be different for every account.

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Like it was said by Said, this really depends on actions.

About IG I can say that the data transferred was several GB’s a month for an average account. I expected a couple of hundred MB’s, but it was much more than what I expected.

I never tested with FB. With IG the main actions were follow/unfollow, something you will not do with Facebook. But you should not underestimate the data needed.

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I’ve used TBs on 1 server before when posting images/videos “GBs per account”. It totally depends on what you’re doing. If you’re posting in groups or something without uploading I can’t see it using too much per month. Couple hundred megs seems accurate.

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