How much can i earn?


Exactly ! :blush:


10k accounts don’t really make much. Shoutouts are pretty hard to sell unless you have a 50k+ account.


Because i was thinking of at-least earning $40-50/month just to pay for my Jarvee subscription.
I currently have 2 IG accounts running. 1 self-improvement quotes, 1 personal account

Would it be possible to earn this amount with 10k followers? I have 30% engagement & I make my own contents & upload 2-3x daily. It only takes 10 minutes to make 3 contents


What’s the niche ? Is this a real targeted and specific niche of course you wil :slight_smile:


thats 300 likes per photo, I don’t think you’ll get many clients/promotions until your photos have the possibility of hitting explore. I suppose if its self-improvement you can advertise to entrepreneurs/luxury companies to promote their courses/products but otherwise just keep growing and eventually you’ll reach that goal :slight_smile:


I am not a big money maker like many other pro here.
I have 13K followers, photography page and I make my own content.

After reaching 10K followers (using follow/unfollow), photography niche companies started approaching me, asking for a shoutout and giving me free products.

I totally agree with @RaphaelReborn that you need to be careful with who you are working for. It can be overwhelming or irresistible when you get an offer, but mistakes can make you lose all the hard-work you put in (it did happen to me).

By carefully choosing who I want to work with, I am currently sponsored by Canon and just signed a deal to post a picture for a travel agency (150$ per post). So, there’s a lot of potential in instagram.

I learnt that you don’t need massive account. But quality audience and quality content.


Thank for the comment @susonjack !

I would say there are two types of pages, fan pages and influencing pages. The remuneration is totally different between these two types. I have more fan pages so I earn 150€ per month while @susonsjack has a real content of its own, it comes closer to more than one influencing page. That’s why he can get $150 per post (which is impressive and I congratulate you for the content must be very good). Just to say that the page type is to be taken into account. :wink:

Have a great day


Yeah, I don’t wanna be that guy, but there’s literally no way you’re gaining 10k organic followers in 2 months, without M/S while new to follow/unfollow. I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself here. You’re too worried about the endgame. Focus on learning. You’re in a good place to soak up a bunch of knowledge. I don’t even monetize my following of 75k because shoutouts hurt my account, I do however do brand deals, paid and otherwise. To put it in perspective, I’ve done follow unfollow for 6 years now, twitter and instagram, but only 3 for instagram and I’m currently able to do 7k-10k a month with feeder sources(pretty useless followers, they don’t engage much, but they follow back), and average 5k with follow sources that actually engage. I’ve been doing this a long time, and have even paid people here for source scraping. You’re not gonna be able to just jump right into it. A lot of people here who are level 1 and new average less than 50 follow backs daily. That’s expected, and there’s a lot of threads asking for help. Look at those threads, there’s a lot of tips.


Thank you for the advice guys. I’ll just take it slow and learn more from you guys. I just love how this forum is very helpful for us beginners


Oh yes, I must have mentioned the page type.

Thank you so much on your compliments! I was able to reach these levels with most of the tips I got from this awesome forum and helpful hands like you!