How much can i earn?

I’m just curious, how much can i really earn per day with 10k followers?
and How do i contact people who needs shoutout?
also, how many months does it take to grow to a 10k followers?

I’m currently using Jarvee to grow my account f/uf method. I’m very new to this. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.


It depends on the niche and the quality/engagement of your account !

I make 150$/month with a 72k account on the animal niche (I try to post only quality ads, I am very tight on this)

Have a great day


You’re not going to make big bank with shoutouts, it’s a nice bonus but you won’t be cashing in all that much. Especially with a 10k account you won’t make much.

Google “sell instagram shoutouts” and you’ll find some options.

As a beginner getting 10k followers should take anywhere between 2-4 months depending on how well you do.


Could you share what are the ways & methods you monetize for your animal niche?


Of course right now, I only sell shoutout :slight_smile:

I think this is the easier method for me

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I appreciate all you replies. Hoping to garner 10k followers in 2 months. I’m in the self help niche

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right, so what are the platforms you sell your shoutouts at? Thanks bud

It really depends on your niche as some niches are super saturated to the point 10k doesn’t matter and thus it doesn’t fetch any value.

Lot of dropshipping business send me message every day, I just select the best of the best haha :wink:

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That’s awesome, hope you will generate more :slight_smile:

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Haha thanks a lot ! I have several accounts that’s how I scale ! And you what’s your earnings ? :wink:

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Just wanna ask, how many DMs do you usually receive everyday asking for shoutout?

Hmmm on my 72K accounts I think 2 to 3, but as I said, they are lot of “noobs”. I only accept maybe 10% to 20%. :wink:

Guys keep your account clean, even if you need to leave some money on the table. Think long term :slight_smile:


Wow! you can already get 2-3 offers /day with a 72k followers? Are they from dropshippers or affiliate marketers?

The majority are dropshippers, others want shoutouts on their behalf (if the content is good I don’t charge them much) and very rarely for affiliate marketing :wink:

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Amazing! Thank you for the insights

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Happy to help haha :wink: Good luck for your journey bro :cowboy_hat_face:

you get paid for your value not your time
-John Rohn

As @RaphaelReborn mentioned, it depends on the niche and other factors

Haha no problem! Sad to say, I am not earning yet but I will share with you once I start generating moolahs :slight_smile: !


I think it takes at least 50k followers on a page to do shoutouts that have some value when you put a price. Also, I wouldn’t do any advertisements that are beyond your own niche as you will have bad engagement with them + lower account quality. Better to invest in growing your account in the long run than do shoutouts for small change unless the advertisement is high quality for your niche