How much do you guys charge your clients for DM / mother/child services?

Just curious to see what the general price ranges are for these services.

Rates can vary if you charge :

  • Per DMs sent
  • Per followers gained
  • Per child accounts managed

Overall, rates might be the same for all your clients, but the ROI (price/follower) will vary a lot depending on what kind of client you will onboard (bad/exceptional content). From my own experience in 2021, it can go from 0.07 $ to 0.25 $ per follower. I can’t talk for other providers, but rates should also be around those


Who is offering this service? Does anyone have a good recommendation?

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Dm the guy above you! He’s european too

@denis1 should be able to give you some info

If you are getting clients from mp then be prepared to battle it out with lots of competitors.

The very cheap ones usually give poor results while I know some guys that charge top dollar but bring in 1st world engaging followers.

It depends on how good your service really is. People don’t want their accounts filled with bad low engaging followers so if you can provide top quality service then charge more and show people why.

I specialize only in one niche because I know it back to front and know everything about it. I’ve been in this niche for 10+ years. So, I know how to grow accounts, sell programs and plans etc.

I do other niches too, but only if it interests me.


let me guess, fitness niche? haha

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Yep haha, didn’t want to make it too obvious! I do have a big comic page too but I don’t work on that niche. Was a hobby that turned into an experience haha