How much do you guys pay to grow your own IG accounts? 2023

Just curiousity , i just got back into this , i remember 2014 using MP social having £15 subscription and having crazy amounts of F/UF , getting solid +100 followers daily no issues , would be easiest thing ever.

Now few days ago i checked it out , the only app availalbe is Susocial , which is £40 , then i need more accounts to scrape so i need proxies, another £30-35 or even more, am i not understanding something or it like costs £100 a month now just to grow your own account ?

Isnt at this point better to just use someones else service?

yeah its much better if you go with the experts who are already in game and knows what they are doing. Because its not just about the money now its a skill game these days and only are here who have mastered it.

The game has completely changed since 2019. Even more since 2014.

Now, only a few of us are still running automation. You can spend some time to learn how to achieve growth for your pages, but be prepared to spend money and time on this. It’s not the old plug and play on JV :slight_smile:


It`s around 35-50$ per account/per month

If you use a service you are looking at much more than that unfortunately. Unless you want to risk your account and go for a cheap inexperienced service. Especially if they automate on your account.

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paying money to get advantage is mandatory?

I offer mother/child or so called slave service.
It’s $50 per slave account per month. 10 accounts minimum.
We do around 5k actions per day per slave account and 30 cold dms per day.
Price can be negotiated for bigger clients.