How much $$$ Instagram verification(blue thick) costs?

How much $$$ Instagram verification(blue thick) costs? And where to find a trusted/legit seller for this kind of service? Let me know, thank you!

Usually they are scammers. Don’t fall for it, it’s a tricky process. In addition to automation, you need to be active in the media. In my country, I know that there are certain people who are behind the buttons. They can verify any profile.

Between 5-15k$, basically depends on the client content and the PR coverage.

But yeah, only go with trusted sellers. Scammy world

Depends on the niche. Some are cheaper than others.

Depends on your niche and press plays a big role.

Just make sure you pay with something that allows you to get a chargeback if the person tries to rip you off. Seen a few posts of people that have had bad experiences with this.

You also need a refund policy if they cannot verify you. They should have some testimonials or proof of their work too.