How Much Is My Username Worth?

Hey everyone, where can I find out how much my username would be worth? Not exact amount but would like to know a range. Thank you!

There is no any such a service as far I know. It’s depend on weather people like it or not, and how much they can offer you. If some rich guy want that name badly then it’s worth more compare to normal guy.

If there is any such a service then people simply create tons of account with that kind of list. So it’s depend on weather people like your username or not.

It’s worth as much as one is willing to pay for it.
Cant really put a price on things like that imo

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There is no website or marketplace. I’ve seen guys sell usernames for as little as $20 or as high as $10,000. It really depends on a number of factors. Usually first names are worth alot, as the person with the name is often willing to purchase it at a high cost. Another important factor is the amount of characters that @username has. The less letters, the more it costs as well. For OG usernames, these are one-word usernames the cost can be alot if you find a username that people are willing to pay for. I can think of a few companies that just off the top of my head who would LOVE to purchase the username @bball and would spend a HUGE amount of money to buy it, but it depends on the niche and if there are companies who will buy it (companies usually pay the most, not people or influencers).


ogusers, ogflip, some more.


Just google “sell og instagram” , open 10 websites and find the prices yourself

OG users came to mind, but it’s not really a great place to sell. It’s a great place to buy though as many guys phish the users or use Turbo to claim them so you can get it pretty cheap.

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It depends on a lot of factors. If it really is unique and you find a brand with a similar name as in your username is xxx and the brand has an IG account xxx_yy as the xxx was already taken, there is a decent chance they might buy it.

Just look up brands with that username by scraping it of jarvee and DM/email them directly.