How much is price per follower in 2021?

HOW MUCH SHOULD I CHARGE PER FOLLOWER FOR A METHOD WORKING WELL in 2021? without account login , general niche, 1000s daily followers and Real engaging accounts

  • 10 cents or less
  • 20 cents
  • 30 cents
  • 40 cents
  • 50 or more

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That depends on your RIO, i’ve not seen anyone charge per follower but 10$-20$ per 1k (random followers) is a good price if ifs real engaging followers.


I would pay $10 per 1k random followers. Anything more is a risk and not a good one imo. 10 followers for $1 is a shitty return for general niche when some will be bots or most will probably never post or engage anyway.

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Depends on the goal. The ROI and the quality of followers.

If your bringing in leads that could buy high ticket items then those are worth way more than simple random follows.


I agree with some of the input the others have given already, I think there are a lot of factors that would determine it.

Just to get some thinking going here, brands might value followers more from specific countries due to the average purchasing power of individuals, you can also gain ‘targeted’ followers that don’t engage, i.e., giveaways - also DM growth tends to attract people who go around blindly following anyone who tells them to, and so their feed is crammed with other people’s content and the engagement you get isn’t great.

I genuinely think that you can find people to pay all of the different prices you listed, based off of how much you are able to convince those that you’d be selling to that this is a big value add.

A lot of people fall flat on the selling part, and it’s incredible what you can do once you help people understand what they’re actually getting. We tend to downplay the actual value of Instagram/social media growth here on MPsocial, as most of us are interested in huge numbers or ‘growth hacking’, but truth be told there’s an insane amount of value in helping brands that want targeted followers, and there’s also an abundance of brands that want this.

Sorry if I went off on a tangent, but tldr: it depends on who you’re selling to and how you sell it.


I don’t know where/when do you guys live, when saying that a good pricing to charge our clients is at $0.01 per follower. It’s not 2015 anymore :sweat_smile:

Anywhere between $0.05 to $0.30 seems a fair rates for growth management in 2021, when you see how harder it became when it comes about automation.

Some will have the budget & goals in order to hop on that adventure, which can be very pricey for some, and some others won’t. But reality check is here :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s true there is no way to keep up with every change and make a profit when charging 0.01$ per follower it’s just impossible.

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and how much do you think for niche. Like a local store and its surrounding audience ? how much would you charge

do you have a price range for a store and buyers … what about real-estate and apt buyers?

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very well said… brands want clients and i try to emphasize this to my influencer clients but they always opt for the numbers and people that will never buy because they are in another country with a different culture

I don’t see how 10 cents or less can be profitable nowadays? Anyone care to explain?
This we’re talking no login, so advanced methods like mother/child.

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selling commercial to the public, targeted traffic more!

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i think you lose money at under 20 since proxies these days have to be mobile and slave accounts well made are more expensive. your services should be a premium service

Yes, but only if you can provide a top premium service

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I am still doing automation (not F/u)

My clients pay $129/mo & gain 300 to 1000 new followers per month
So I guess that works out to $0.43 to $0.13 per new follower

results depend on quality of content

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what are the methods you are using to grow your clients accounts? if you don’t mind the question

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content is king but the niche also… some accounts no matter what i throw at them … they dont grow

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Story Views
Niche: Singers/Actors - entertainment

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do you mean mass story viewing? is that still work in these days? no blocks or verifications?

It’s probably “still” doable for verified accounts, yes. Not really possible to scale for a very big growth, sadly. But can be cheap enough to make it work !