How much is this worth u think?

How much is my coaching program valued u think? ($50 - $15,000?)

Curious to know if it matches my actual price, I’m over charging, or if I’m undercharging.

So my funnel is:

FB AD → Landing Page → Webinar → Sales Call (with my sales guy) → closed


I have a 10 week program where I coach Day Traders how to make consistent income with my trading strategy.

This includes:

  • 1 on 1 coaching as needed (max 1 a week)

  • online course (5 hrs of vids)

  • 6 figure trader challenge (new but teaches how to make $2,000 a week from everything they learned)

FB Ad Conversion

  • Booked calls every $30

  • every $120 / 4 calls I get 1 client sold.

Last note - people have been able to quit there job to trade full time because of this and some retires make enough money to cover there expenses.

How much is this worth u think?

How much you want to charge it? Price range?

It really depends on the actual product you are offering. If it really works for most of your clients then you should be able to put some higher figures.

based on this, if that’s 100% true then you can ask for whatever suits you, but first, let us know how much do you charge for this.

Can only talk from what my clients charge for the ~ same product (ecom / trading courses), it varies from 800 € (lowest) to a few thousands €.

So I’m not sure why you mentionned “$50” ?

depends what you can guarantee… Im always skeptical of these types of make-money offers unless there is a proven method to the coaching and overall program.

Id put in a guarantee in there to alleviate the skeptics, “If you don’t make $1,000 in your first month of trading with XX capital, then you get your money back,” or something.

The value of this is based on the buyers. Very elastic imo.

Yeah, I agree with this. You need to give some guarantees on your services.


I totally agree with the comments that you should provide some guarantee, if not you won’t get good clients, smart ones, the ones that will recommend your service to others…they will ask why if you know how to make money trading you need to sell this coaching service…
The web is full of this money-making courses, and we know that you will hook naive and people without much knowledge so…it’s your decision to go for a legit and solid business or…just sell colored papers :wink:

my 5 cents…

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It all comes down to:

  1. Your marketing capability
  2. Your personal morals

Everything you outlined so far falls in ‘get rich quick’ side of internet businesses. If you have no morals you can make huge false claims, dox proof throw thousands on ads and charge thousands for it, this will be easier if you have some sort of following already. Get ready to be eventually exposed and likely hated forever on the internet haha.

On the opposite, you could take a more humble approach, don’t make false crazy claims and stick down to earth, reasonable pricing. You won’t cash in as much but likely become an authority in some of those fields and have a long term career. It really depends.

Sadly most people go down the first route, hence why I love watching CoffeeZilla or Mike Winnet on Youtube haha.

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I think the user is trying to promote and sell his program here, just in a different way. This is an SMM-oriented forum not for crypto, forex traders who can speak more about trading. However, in my opinion, your program can be worth a lot if you can guarantee something, but I highly doubt that you can because there are no guarantees in any type of trading.

based on what he said he already has some satisfied clients I guess he needs to confirm if he is on the right track or not.

Have a $50 product that tells them what to do, and use that to upsell them to a $2499 offer…


you mean 50$ to give them basic stuff and showing them some results then from there upsell to a bigger number?

considering 99 percent of traders fail AND only 1 percent are consistent – another guru?
btw I trade mini es( 50 bucks a point) and cl daily – most trade teachers earn a rep deserved of fakes – if you indeed can produce the miracles as you say – then have a you tube channel and show live trades and charge thousands an hour. I do price action trading in forex and futures.

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Why are you selling such a valuable program?

That was always the question in my head. Why do those who have the formula for making many wants to sell that formula and not use it on their own :slight_smile: