How much money does it cost to start botting Instagram?

I would like to learn how to bot Instagram. I’ve been reading here and I have a pretty good idea what I need. I need to get Jarvee. I also need to get a Windows VPS. My goal is to start out botting 10 accounts. The most that Jarvee will allow with their beginner plan.

How much will it cost me per month on average to bot 10 accounts? I’m a little unsure of which proxies to use. I know that I need 4G, but beyond that, I’m not sure. I probably need to buy some accounts. I also read about buying accounts for scraping.

What’s a ballpark figure that I should expect to spend every month to bot ten accounts? What are the other things that I need that I didn’t list? I also thought about getting Hashtastic for hashtag research.


Start with Jarvee, use your own computer, use your home network. Bot the first 12 hours on 5 accounts and the next 12 on the other 5. So just pay for jarvee. Once you learn the trade in practice, you might want to invest more into proxies, VPS etc.

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So the cost, would only be for jarvee

I would prefer to run things off of at least a VPS. I thought about using my computer, but I don’t want to risk my IP. I’m not looking for the cheapest way possible to bot Instagram. I want to do it right. I’m trying to figure out how much money I should set aside every month.

Not really…
If you want real results then follow this:
Jarvee 30$
Buy your 10 accounts +10/20 scrapers accounts, pretty much 40$ if you want to start from scratch. If you have more budget, buy accounts that already have followers.
To run H24 your accounts, buy 2 4G proxies, You can find at $50 each
Buy a VPS on contabo or Hertnzer, 20$ for 10 accounts should be enough.

If you want the best settings, look on youtube (people on this forum don’t share their settings) or pay someone to do some consulting and explain what you should do or not do when doing IG automation.

If you want your scrappers to last, invest in proxies from highproxies 15$ and now you’re good to go.

Are you saying it would cost $100 per month just for the proxies to bot 10 accounts? I would also have to spend 15 for scraping proxies at highproxies?

If you want to run safely 10 accounts then yes.

Do the scrapers work inside of Jarvee or must I buy another software to do that? I would only be allowed to run 10 accounts at one time. It seems the scrapers accounts would take up all of my ten.

Scrapers work inside Jarvee, no need for other software.

When you click on ADD PROFILE, you’ll see option to add Instagram Scraper account. However, it’s available only for 70 accounts plan and with this plan you can add as many scraper accounts as you want.

If you have 10 accounts plan, and you wanna manage only 2 IG accounts only, you have 8 free spots. You can add IG accounts there and use those for scraping, all you have to do is tag them as “scraper” (or however you want), then check options in screenshot below and add those tags there.

If you wanna manage 10 accounts and use scrapers, you’ll need higher plan.


It depends on what you plan on doing on the platform.

If you plan on spamming, expect to spend more than you may originally intend.
If you plan on building quality pages, your costs could significantly decrease.

The core essentials are

  1. Software
  2. Proxies

The first come in many shapes, sizes, & prices (& pricing models: one time purchase vs subscription). Assuming you want to consider the cost for a year, expect to spend between $100-$400 here alone.

The latter really depends on the beginning point. I will advocate you do your research on proxies via TESTING.

You don’t necessarily need 4G proxies, unless you are doing something that would make them necessary.

For 10 proxies, assuming you know nothing, can run you anywhere from $10-$100 per month.
Over a years time that would be between $100-$1000.

If you listen to everyone telling you what to do versus doing your own research, you will likely run on the higher end of an operation that doesn’t require anywhere near that much.

i.e. You’ll end up spending more on your ignorance than you would doing research. If that’s no concern to you & you just want to be up and running, more power to you. But ultimately consider what it would take to run ONE account first as that’ll be your best clue.

Keep that in mind as you look around.

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I guess I’ll have to do my own research. You’re right about that. Thank you for your help.

Here’s a list of what you need

  • Jarvee plan
  • HQ proxies for main
  • Bad proxies for scrapers
  • Decent to good VPS
  • Purchase decent accounts for scraping
  • Purchased aged accounts for main
  • SMS Codes for PVA

The pricing varies on provider and quality. Obviously the more you spend the less headaches you will have and also you have to put in account that you will lose money from replacing accounts, proxies, etc. This is 100% normal when you’re starting out.

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For a good Windows VPS you should set up to $30.
For proxies between $50 and $80 (depending on your provider and if you want to get 4G proxies).
For Jarvee $30 (for 10 accounts) or $50 for up to 30 accounts.

Basically, you need around $100 for 100 accounts, however, you can easily lower this cost is you get a cheap VPS and consider using datacenter proxies.

I’d say you need a windows computer, around $200 (jarvee + 4g proxies) and a bottle of tylenol to deal with the headaches from IG updates

You can also spend a little more money and book a call with the doctor @Adi_Ankonina so she can show you all the ins-and-outs of jarvee and save you time & headache.

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  • As you are pretty new to the game, be ready to burn hundreds / thousands of :moneybag: in accounts, within the next months, if you really want to “learn how to bot Instagram”.

  • We don’t learn with 10 accounts, but with > 1000’s. And even after that, trust me, IG will still keep surprising you. you’ll also need to adapt to the updates.

  • If you’re willing to, and skilled enough to build a network without compromising it, then all your investments in :moneybag: will be totally worth it ! But this will come after months if you’re fast, or after years.

Don’t be afraid to burn accounts and to get red error messages. This is the way it is :slightly_smiling_face: