How much $$ these accounts would could be sold at?

Hi guys! I just found that I have over 100+ accounts from 5000-15000 followers which are about 2 years old. I used them for massing DM’ing and gained with them over 150+ instagram clients.

Followers are bought on some of them, on others are gained by follow/unfollow.

They are profiled like this:

For most of them i bought likes, for some even comments. Other gained comments organically.

I’m wondering if it would be possible to sell them for 10$ per 1k follower? I mean both which are gained by follow/unfollow and bought.

Maybe someone has an idea where i could sell them? Cause as I see, right now, to buy 5000 instagram followers cost minimum of 40$ or so. These accounts are old, with likes and comments so price maybe would even go further.

Will appreciate your help!

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I don’t know where you could sell these but I’m sure professional scammers / malicious people would buy these for much.



But the price is different for an account let’s say with 10k bought followers and for an account with 10k followers gained with follow/unfollow?

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Hello! Still need your help guys. Maybe you can recommend me any website/platform where i can sell instagram accounts with bought followers? All sites i visite - they are all with real followers accounts for sale… If someone could help me to sell them , i could pay a comission to it.

I’m sorry but no one in the right mind would buy accounts with fake followers at that price + you already used them for mass DMs…
Look at some spam forums - you should find someone but at much lower price.


Not for bought followers, idk who would buy that. Maybe targeted followers for a niche with following unfollowing.

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Well, sorry, but i think i didnt mention the price? I mean i wrote how much $ bought followers are worth on many sites, but not my price. I would sell it for cheaper , 1000 followers - 4$. But I need to know where to do that. Spam forums is a good idea , thank you for your advise!

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You did mention a price…


Well then sorry. I also wrote “I mean both which are gained by follow/unfollow and bought” , so i meant that price for those whch gained with follow/unfollow basically.


i’m interested for your accounts, please let me know how i can contact you, i can help you to sell them

if you’re interested just reply to me

may be 10$ per account if they are SMM panel followers…

If you have any with real followers, send me DM…I’m interested to buy them.

Well guys, can you recommend more forums to sell this? I tried hackforums, playerup, didnt have much success…

Still searching for a partner who could help me to get these accounts sold. Some of them I sold already, but still i have many in stock like 80. If someone of you have contacts , please let me know.

post them on swapd theres a huge community always looking for audience

You can try

Will try! But last time i tried they did not publish my topic somewhy.

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Can you please contact me via DM, I’m interested to buy some accounts.

Thank you!

Kind Regards

Hey guys, maybe someone of you have an account of marketplace seller on any reputable forum like bhw , cpaelites or something? This could help a lot to get sales done…