How much time rest account?

I got severe blocks with gmt2 having less than 20 follow before getting blocks i changed mostly everything i only dm with a link who followback with a spintax, enable scheduling with different time to follow in a day changed many account provider , the problem is i stayed to long with the same proxy provider and also never tried 4g mobile only residential , today i want to change proxy of 1 account how many hours to begin work with the new 4g proxy as i am changing from residential to mobile

All depends on the account, it is used only in automation? is it a customer’s account? do you use it in a phone as well?

No only on the bot

Any idea on the subject ?

I would rest it for a week at least.

rest for a week is needed.

So that’s the norm now for every ip change we have to rest 1 week ?

You don’t have to. It’s just a good idea to stay safe.

Yes but that’s very long don’t you think 24 hour is enough to start using the new ip ?

I would start using it manually with that IP and then move to whatever automation you use after a week.

Yes but i am using spamming account not growth one so…

Dont worry about it then.

Ok that’s what i an willing to do

Usually 3-7 day rests do the job.

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7 days for ACs + clear cookies + reset device ids
48 hours for Temp action blocks + reset device IDs


Why reset device id isn’t that much risky to do it most of people tell that the best is to do it is only on maximum level of block

maybe it is, we havent got temp blocks in last 2 weeks, only ACs
other than that, we run flawlessly

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What’s AC’s ? Also how much you follow w per day and do you use manual+bot or only bot

AC = account compromised (plenty of topics on the forum, if needed use Search tool in top right corner)

we do software only, around 120 F a day with same amount of likes per day
quality of sources the most important at the moment, we have 0.2 FBR on average

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Okay so 120/day with no blocks and 7/7 or you pause the account 1 day to make it less robotic also do you schedule your follow action so they don’t act same everyday ? And what about the proxy usage do you make 1:5 or just 1:1 as 1 proxy in more than 5 account is nearly impossible in this instagram situation?