How much to invest into mother/slave?

I was wondering how much people spend when starting out with the mother/slave method for something like 100 slave accounts.

When I was working out a rough price I priced for 1 account + 1 proxy however you still have to allow for PV and new accounts as you have to allow for bans.

So I was wondering how much you pay per month and how many followers it gets you?

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When you get a PV I would just replace it with a new account, that way you dont have to worry about them anymore. Or when your slaves are grown pretty good do the PV. In the end thats Up to you.



Any additional purchases like tools, hashtag or follow research, extra services done.

Proxies can be 30-50 cents or far less for IPv6, $1 for reliable affordable quality, $4+ for solid mobile proxies. So say $100 for 100 proxies for 100 accounts based on what most go with.

Accounts - you can make yourself through methods shared, and they’ll be more reliable. Or you can buy. They’ll generally be at least $1 per account for a reliable bought account. So again say $100+ for 100 bought accounts. Or if you make them, you’ll need your phone with hotspot, so you may have pre existing data credit. Or if you go rooted android method that could be $50 for an old android and another SIM with data may be $25, whatever you choose.

Servers - Hetzner for $40 or less is solid

Software - Depends what you go with and what the price is for 100 accs. I’ve forgotten the exact figure for something like Jarver, but say around $50 per month.

PV - If using SMSPVA or equivalents which is poorer quality and using ones better than Russian or Chinese it’s around 20cents per SMS and that could happen several times per account over time which could be several dollars per account (not necessarily per month though). Real SIMS, depends where you source. Some sellers around her can be $2 per real SIM, maybe cheaper in other places. Can also try SpeedyVerify which is a touch more expensive and you pay $1 per verification since it’s manual work that the person online is doing each time. So could be $200+ easy for real SIMs but that’s once off.

So could be around $200 per month ongoing for software, server and proxies. And one off costs could be $300+ for accounts and SIMs or PVs.

The follow through is often around 5-15% from fan page slave accounts through to the main account, depending on niche and targeting quality and optimisation. That means if you have 100 accounts doing the right types of actions and numbers then you could get 250-750 per day. Doesn’t mean you’ll straight away be getting 250 followers or more per day coming from this method. You’ll have to get all those accounts running and getting their own fans first before even getting some momentum, but that’s the potential.


I’d disagree with that. Getting PVs is just part of the process. And I know no one else doing this seriously who just throws away accounts when faced with a simple PV (that’s not saying you’re not doing it seriously and very well yourself, but I find that particular decision a bit odd). Especially if you’ve self made the accounts you’re not going to just throw away an account when it gets a very standard PV. Just get the code and move on, cause the account is still potentially very good for future use.

Maybe if you’ve bought a batch of cheap accounts and you know a PV equates to a ban soon you can ditch them. But you probably don’t want to be working with that sort of quality of accounts long term. Try to aim for good stuff from the start. I’ve wasted time with shortcuts of buying poor quality accounts and it hardly works out.



Persistent PVs is another story. If I have a < 2 wk account that gets a stupid number of PVs in that time frame (say 5+) I might scrub it as I obviously screwed up somewhere in the creation. Anything under that though I typically tough it out and usually it all works out perfectly fine.


My core message was in case of getting PVs on a consistant basis you have something wrong with your setup. When you have quality proxies and accounts and the settings are good you shouldnt worry about that much PVs.

I dont like dealing with PVs so I take care of the fundament. Build that strong I can keep this headache far away.

And slave accounts are just linking to your main page. So throwing them away is not that bad, thats completely personal preference. As I said its up to you how important they are.

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I couldn’t explain it better than @mdr07 did. For 100 slave accounts, the cost will be roughly 200-500$, depending on your overall setup.


You can also hire @dma0245 I think he charges 450 a month for 100 accounts and you don’t have to worry about pvs and etc


Thanks @Tacos & especially @mdr07! Was actually looking for answers regarding pvs, but this gave me a little more than I was hoping for :smiley:

For me the biggest money drain is proxies… when you finally find proxies that work for you and pay for 50+ accounts only for them to not work a few weeks later it gets frustrating and expensive.

But also this method requires a lot of time for trial and error and learning. As of now I personally don’t think that the amount of time I have invested is worth the gains I have made, regardless of money spent. But I am hopeful and this may change in a few months.

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I run 3 accounts per mobile proxy. I paid .80/ea for 70 aged accounts. Haven’t set everything up yet. but it looks like it’ll be around $100/mo total not including costs of software and servers.


Already “wasted” >300$ on trial and error, obviously not wasted, because I learnt a lot…
I estimate the monthly costs will be around 70-90$/month + innitial cost for accounts/emails for me :slight_smile:


yeah I think I “wasted” about the same for trial and error, but I’m considering it an investment in my education!


And at what point does it become just too expensive? I mean you could just start running ads without any risk of being banned. My idea is that Instagram wants to make botting so expensive that at a certain point it’s just not worth it anymore.

I really wouldn´t invest in buying accounts. I dont know a single good seller - create them yourself.:wink:

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a nice aspect from M/s is you can run it almost without building permanent assets. you can rent everything. And if it does not work out for you for any reason just put your money into something else.

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Those price can be real, but it can be made for much much less, if you create account yourself they cost pennies, software can be 10 bucks month ( depends on what you choose GMT2 cost that much, some are even free or there are always other method to acquire them as every software), sim are not a problem, proxy is the main expense. You can build your own if you have access to good rates, you have some initial setup and a low recurring cost. So 100 slave won’t cost you much at all.
The real expense is your time. This method will require a tons of time And lots of trial and error. So it depends on what are you looking for. How much time can you deticate to this? If you make it to support your main project, well, this one could easily became your main project for the time required. If you cant lose focus on your main activity, you are way better off paying for a service. Will save months and mental sanity.


Hey Roy, could I clarify what a PV is? Very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Phone Verification, ig will send you a sms with a 6 digits code to verify the account

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Thank you @Broked exactly that :+1:

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