How much traffic are you getting from FB?

I’m planning on creating some websites, monetized with adsense and similar. I’m trying to work on some traffic estimates using MP, how much traffic from Fb can MP generate? Can MP generate 10k visitors per day, how many fb accounts would that take?

Would it be better if I had more websites to spread the links and traffic out or would it be better to focus on 1 or 2 sites?

I had 30,000+ views / clicks on my click in one day… but the next days lower and lower and now I am happy when I get 1,000 clicks… Domain is not banned. I dont know why its so low.

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I was posting viral content in around 70 groups a day and getting a few hundred visits. Groups were related to the articles in cute animal in animal loves groups ect

Was disappointed in the traffic but we’re big groups and I could have bumped more I think.

I would think you need to be posting in 500 to 1000 groups a day over 50 to 100 accounts to see any decent traffic

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What about commenting on Fanpages from your FanPage account, does it still work today?

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