How much would you charge to grow followers?


F/U + # + tips + business consulting = 100 eur per month
I have also a Referral program


Please do not charge $20 a month and please never work for free.

I charge a minimum of $180 USD per month, some clients paying $500 per month.


I recommend $65 for individuals or “influencers”. It’s decent margins and almost anyone can afford it. It’s like a cellphone bill.

For businesses, I charge at $100 to $150 per month. If you’re in business, no matter what kind, if you can’t afford $100 a month, you probably shouldn’t be in business.


Do you offer only f / u and like to your customers?
Or even other types of services for that price?


Who can help me grow my numbers and engagement drastically for a pop singer account with a 50$ monthly budget?


I charge 50€ for +2000 followers / month and 89€ for +4000 followers / month.
In any case I always over deliver :slight_smile:


Moderate Growth 25 actions per hours (likes / follow cycles)
Monthly Analytics
User does targeting research
Regular customer support, no acct manager

35-40 actions per hours
weekly analytics
we do research for targeting
dedicated acct manager

Build trust, then upsell them on other services
+fb ads, ig ads,
+content marketing



Do you promise a certain amount of followers per day/month ? I am looking to figure out how to charge this service appropriately or include to my monthly fees as a social media manager.



i hope this is a joke, lol


Hey guys, I’m looking for somebody to help me out with IG.
Anyone Could give me their fee to grow my engagement and following on my pop music page?