How much would you charge to grow followers?

Hi Everyone, how much would you charge to grow followers on Instagram from an specific country? I am curious and at the same time, willing to hire someone to help me out. Thank you so much and I hope this post is alright…

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It depends on so many things here in autria I know of two firms. One sell it for 20-50€ and another one selling it at 150-1000
However just growing followers is easy, growing an engaged audience is much harder and what most people really want.
Which country are you from ?



Good question. :slightly_smiling_face: What @Toh has said is definitely right:

There is a saying: “you get what you pay for”. So if someone is only willing to pay 20$ / months, the result is likely not really good.
A real social media manager who is managing an Instagram Account as an employee and who is not only growing the account (via interactions), but also posts pictures and deletes inappropriate comments etc, costs a company in the EU & the USA definitely FAR more than 20$ per month, right?! :wink:

So in the end, everything is depending on your goals. If its just “more followers”, some people might do it for 20$/month, but I would not expect a great result from that provider nor many new clients.

Good luck in finding a good & reliable account manager :four_leaf_clover:


Between 50 and 200 eur depending if you are offering content and automation

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I think there are a lot of different levels of service and price, but I’ve seen total account management around $500, but that is more for a business or brand who needs to take good care of their account. But if you can take good care of it you can charge a lot.

I do it for free for first 6 months then i will charge them $20 per month.

I really hope you are not serious about this. 6 months for free and then $20/month??? Are you insane?

First of all: Don’t EVER work for free. It’s not worth your time. Second: Charging $20/month is absolutely not a good price point. You’re undercutting everybody else and you probably aren’t getting your clients good results for that amount of money.

Please tell me you’re joking.


For mother slave method, $100 per 1k followers: can grow up to 50k a month. Much better quality folllwers / engagment than F/UF


Do you have a post on how you set up the mother slave? I would love to setup my own I already bought accounts


I figure you will find this interesting @sokolmkd
But yes I would be really interesting for you to make a about how you set it up @thekingwillwhip are you exagerating or are you really getting up to 50k a month growth? :eyes:
How many slaves do you have per mother account?


No exaggeration needed. Will be setting up sales thread soon.


70$/month easy

Those figures are absolutely promising. :+1:

All the best for your sales thread.


The master himself

For targeted growth $50 per month

$100/month, no mother/slave or extra stuff, just f/unf. I feel bad for people charging $20. You need so much more clients to make the same ammount of money as me + those that pay for that are usually bloggers in their 20s who will complain about something all the time. Don’t be scared to ramp up the price, you will filter out serious customers and save yourself from headache.



So impressed man, you give me hope

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@thekingwillwhip I really wanna hear more about this! That link did not work for me

Not sure what link you’re referring to? But, sales thread will be opened soon if you’re interested.

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Sorry man, I think it’s impossible!
Don’t you use proxies or don’t pay them?

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