How much would you pay for such IG accounts?

Hello guys.

Im wondering what value would have for you few weeks old IG accounts with link in bio (so you can see its possible to place link in bio) and few followers?

Or IG accounts with shortened link to weebly account + this weebly account, so you can login to weebly and create prelander without changing link in account bio.

Thanks for replies :slight_smile:

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It really doesn’t matter if you can add link in the bio as all accounts can add links in the bio. Is it PVA?

I would certainly be interested in those types of accounts @dhg, but what is really interesting to me is the actions that the account is currently able to carry out in MassPlanner without any serious issues.

I love the idea of having someone create and warm up niche specific accounts to a point where they can follow say 500 people per day, do lots of likes, and a few comments and DMs.

I have actually recently initiated such a relationship with someone on this forum as a test.

If you’re thinking of this as a business idea, (selling warmed up accounts), I think there could be a big market for it.

Price wise I think it depends on exactly what you’re offering and how customized the service is.

Also if you want to start selling here you should read the marketplace rules first :wink:

It’s been discussed in this forum that some red flags don’t result in immediate bans, but might lead or add up to eventual bans later…

pls read the thread above…

if you intend to change the bio link, (which you probably would), that might lead to an additional (unnecessary) red flag.

i’ll prefer to buy aged accounts without any links added before.

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