How much you making from Free followers niche

Just wondering, if anyone is making more than 0,10 $ per account in free followers niche. I cant do more than that.

i think it’s all about your targeting

I do not know how to target kids :slight_smile:

accounts of youtubers :smiley:

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Same im not making too much at all from it, but I keep trying new things.

I earned last month 520$ from free followers niche with 25 accounts. (OGAds)

And earned avg 23$ a day from it.
Now switched to CPABuild. Which is more about CPA Offers (Email/Zip submits and Pin Submits).
I earned also around 20$ per day.


awesome earnings in that niche my earnings 0$-1$ daily (around 6$ per month) with over 20 accs.

would be nice to know how to improve (network is ogads)

im using shortened prelander and standard free follower landingpage from ogads.

I’m not even sure what the heck free followers niche is. Can someone link me to some info? I’m sure I could make some money with it if I had any idea what it was lmao.

Nice bro! Thats awesome! Im working hard on this as well.

Which cloaker do you use?

I have follow blocks problems, if anyone knows how to solve this. i will teach you how to find sources for free followers niche and earn $1/acc

pausing the accounts for a few days 1-2days and lower your settings. that worked well for me

I don’t use cloaker. I’ve “created” my own method of redirect. Won’t share(Sorry). But i use weebly as a pre-lander. It adds 2 second delay to redirect to LP.
But you can get advertsafe(recommend), or create a script to not redirect desktop users. 90% of FB bots use desktop user-agents.

please stop messaging me, about how i get $1/acc or over than that… if you dont have the trade in your sleeves, i will not answer…

dude, pause them for a few days and start with lower settings. there is no other fix which works 100%