How often do you beat your meat?


I pound it daily.

Now your probably wondering what types of meat you should pound and why,

and the answer is simple.

Beat all the meat you have, everyone loves tenderized meat.

Let me know how often you guys beat your meat and why, as I am very interested.:grin:

As there are tons of benefits to beating your meat.


lol I know u had my mind going there for a minute but yes I def beat my meat for at least 5mins I like my meat tender :blush:


You really know how to beat some meat haha.


No time to beat my meat anymore.

Drains energy. Wastes Time. The thing you beat your meat to sets fake expectations. Zombifies You.

Made the last word up but it sounded good :slight_smile:



#Beating Your Meat
##Beating Experience: EXTREME



What have you done lol.



I get in about 3 minutes TOPS before my hands are tired. This is a tough technique to master.


Oh god I opened this thread in Starbucks and I feel really awkward.


I beat my meat like salt bae


After reading all these captions and seeing all these gifs I don’t think I can eat meat ever again …

Edit: Just realised how weird that sounded, I meant meat as in the food :motorway: (Straight)



Once in the morning, right after I work out, then once right after lunch.


For full focus once a day works. But sometimes I can go 2 days without it if something crazy interesting is happening in my life. (ex. getting a new car)


I seriously need to learn that technique.


The whole thread is about food though lol


Nothing awkward about hearing about how all your friends tenderize their pork chops :joy: