How often do you get PV?

Hey guys,I’m not sure if the fault is in my proxies or my accounts…
How often do you get hit with PV? I have 250 accounts at the moment and I get around 20-30 PVs every single day. It’s really exhausting. How is it for you? Using massproxy at the moment but I’m thinking of switching to another proxy provider.

It seems like lots of people are having problems with this lately, myself included. No idea what’s happening, and it seems like not really anyone does. The problem seems to be happening on all kids of proxies, settings, accounts, activity, …

I’m trying out many different things, but no luck yet. I think we just have to keep verifying for now.

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Yeah I feel you… I just saw that after I PV account it gets action block…everything worked fine untill a week ago

same problem here .

Any chance that ‘big IG’ guys can help us out? :smiley:

Using Datacenter proxies if yes then just switch to Raw mobile

What would you recommend for child-slave accounts?

I had two PVs and few action blocks too. I have quality mobile proxy but maybe its because all accounts were before created and managed in same devices (pc/phone).

If account is newly fresh then its more likely to get PV.

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I have taken my settings down on the following side of things, only a little 10% but pv has stopped fingers crossed


Me2 today…will report back tommorow. I dropped it from 24 follows per hour to 18… I’ve put bigger delays between each follow,hopefully it will do the job

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No problems on my side, I barely get any PVs or blocks of any kind.

Are you using 4G proxies,ipv4,ipv6 or residental? (I’m not asking for your provider)

I’m using a combination of both 4g mobile and residential proxies.

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What are your thoughts onrotating proxies for client managament for child-slave method? I’d appreciate if you can answer

I don’t have clients, but I use them on my own accounts with the mother/slave method.

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I was thinking about either using those or dedicated proxies from Europe…not sure what’s better but I’m honestly tired of massproxy and constant PVs

It’s not the fault of DC proxies causing the pvs, as I use about 70% of my accounts on DC proxies that I created, the rest on mobile or residential.

Phone verifications are caused on what IG determines as suspicious activity… whether it be jumping IPs frequently, sending alot of actions in a short period of time, or just doing any actions they feel are suspect to the account.

If you’re using an account with a low trust score, and a proxy with a low trust score and doing suspicious actions… then you can pretty much expect to run into verifications. So you should address 1 or all of the 3 things I just mentioned to try and avoid them.

I get roughly 10-15 pvs a day, out of approx 800 accounts… so that’s less than 5% daily, and that’s running all CPA and affiliate marketing campaigns. So if it’s possible to keep the verifications that low running those type of campaigns, I’m pretty sure you can get the numbers lower if you’re running white hat campaigns.


Same here, massive issues. 2 pvs today out of 13 accounts, and 80% of those are clients…

Thank you for your answer. Here’s the screenshot from my settings,can you tell me what’s wrong with them? Accounts are aged 3+ years