How often do you manually check your accounts?

I usually do it every morning on almost all accounts, to turn off notifications and skim through the messages see if there’s anything that requires attention… I mostly do it to turn off notifications and not let it accomulate and look suspicious (I don’t check facebook accounts due to the accounts notifications feature)

Now I have 30+ accounts and it’s growing, so it takes me about 15-20 minutes every morning to go over them.

What is your “settings”? How’d you do it?

Cheers :slight_smile:

checking ig messages every 2-3 days #realuserhabits

Well, we are not real users anyway considering we are online throughout most of the day. :slight_smile:

I think IG tracks activity and not “Not-Activity”.

I never check them (right now). And its running fine.
Imagine you have a (real) user with 200k followers. If only a fraction send messages…he have a new fulltime job.

I agree, though the messages is not what I had in mind (although it’s good for business sake), but more of the notifications…

I am receiving SMS messages from Instagram when I have like 80 unread notifications, though the account is active all day, so my guess is they are noticing something is a bit fishy… It’s just doesn’t seem human to run the accounts for days and not looking at all at the notifications.

But it’s just a guess, that’s why i’m asking. :slight_smile:

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this seems like an interesting idea, and it’s something quite easy to track…

For IG and Twitter I check my larger accounts everyday to make sure there are no problems

Then I have an excel sheet and I write down the engagement every month to track progress usually takes me a hour or 2 to go through all my accounts and record the amount of likes or retweets the account is getting on average

I do it around once a month. It takes too much time to finish with an account. :frowning:
10-20 minutes per account…

Do you reply for DMs and comments?

I check what my accounts post and the engagement every day.
Each browser has 15-20 accounts.

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  • Are those different profile in Chrome?
  • How do you log in for 15-20 accounts in the same time?
  • It may cause a problem if you have multiple session (automation is running + you login in a browser window), isn’t it?
  • Do you use the same proxy as for the automation?

I don’t log,i do that in MP.I just have different tabs pointing to my ig pages.I do it to check content because sometimes MP posts some random things,also i don’t check my content in advance(i just choose good accounts to repost).

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So those tabs are opened without logging in to any of your accounts? Just like if it would have been opened in an incognito tab?

So if I understand right you never reply to comments and DMs, right?

I never login via app.
Don’t have ig app on my phone.
Everything via MP.

I believe it’s not good to check every day your acc via direct link.

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Check daily to make sure twitters not locked them