How often do you phone verify and what are you using?

As stated in other forum topics, but not solely on its own. I keep getting PV requests from instagram on mobile and other app devices. Every single account, even ones just created. I need an alternative to this, and I need a new solution. I have been using, maybe the numbers aren’t legit and i’m getting flagged? what is everyone using? How often are you getting the pv request and how much are you spending to do so? I am at $0.30 a number and about 60 numbers a day. my personal numbers dont receive messages anymore, So I have to solely use getsms as its all I know! Any help would be so appreciated thanks again.

Once you get PV/EV do you notice that your accounts get shadowban?

I notice that they dont get as many followbacks, once a week they get like 15 followbacks, once a day 4/5 followbacks on some. is there any fix to this? do they ban devices?

this is standard, lasts about 14 days.

is there no way to avoid getting a pva for every account everyday?

get burner app for your phone, verify that way.

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Any recommendations on which app? and how many times I can use it

thank you havent seen that before. Have to take a closer look at this.

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I use smspva and just change the country when it stops delivering sms. With Jarvee you can just add their api and it does it for you until the country stops workign then you have to test out a new country.