How often does instagram unban?

Ive been banned lots lately and what ive realized is instagram goes through all appeals one day in every 2 weeks or something as opposed to going through them daily. Does anyone know how often they do?

Depends on the ban,soft ban recently i am geting unbaned withing few hours.
The trick i learned from one user on the forum is to always use the same name,that seems to speed it up.

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What do you mean use the same name?

Your unban rate depends solely on your account and ban case. Instant replies/unbans are typically for accounts with very “low-value” bans such as during account creation.

Bans for Copyright Infringement and Impersonation are the hardest to lift (if they are lifted) 4 days, 8 weeks, 16 months or never are all possibilities.

Hey Schoko. If an account is disabled for being reported by other users how long would that take?