How often should i post in 2019

hy i am new to this forum but I allready like it :slight_smile:

I wonder what you guys think. How often should i post ?

My posts are around for about 36 hours. so i thought about posting every 36 hours .

Should i post more or less? or whats the best strategy in 2019? whats your strategy?

Thx in advance



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That’s what I’m wondering right now. I’m currently doing 3 posts a day. In my opinion, it helps to gain new followers. However, I suspect that the engagement ratio would be higher if there were fewer posts. I have the feeling that they are the likes that I distribute on several posts because some do not see and like all the posts.

What do you think?

I suspect 1 post per day would bring the highest engagement ratio. Of course it also depends on the niche, but at the same time I would like to have the followback ratio and commitment ratio at a balanced level. Is 2 posts per day possibly the sweet spot?

I got a similar feeling:

It feels like i lose reach when i dont post often enough (eg. posting 2 times a week)
compared to post every 36 hours.

When i post 3 times a day it feels like “I overwrite the old post with the new post” -> so every single POST gets less reach. But I think my ACCOUNT gets MORE REACH and more important in general by posting more often. (ofc everything depends on the content but lets assume the content is consistently fine)

Thats really confusing me. I also realised when i post too much ( eg. every hour) there is a point where the reach goes down significantly.

So I am not sure what the best strategy is

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I think we have to try different post frequencies. I think 3 posts are too much on my page. That’s why I now reduce to 2 posts per day.

I have just discovered a free tool in this forum, with which you can analyze your Instagram account. That can help us both very much. For example, we can see how high the engagement rate is in general and how it has developed in recent times. For the whole profile or for individual posts. I’ve seen through this tool that the engagement rate has dropped, so I’m doing 2 posts. When it rises again, I leave it that way. If not I will do just 1 post.

Try it :slight_smile:


Ty I will take a look at it

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Yes do it :slight_smile:
Please tell me what you could find out for you and which post frequency you choose.

Do you maybe mean @roy :relaxed: Because i cant see what you describe in the free version. Or maybe i do somthing wrong. Greetz

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That must be something different. On the .com version you can see this stats :slight_smile:

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I compared 2 periods:

Month1: I posted about 6-9 posts every 2-3 days my average engagement was about 10%

Month2: I post 2 posts a week my engagement went post by post from 10% down to 4% ( will be invisible soon)

It’s a clients account and i have to make a suggestion on what to do. The content is the same. Also everything else (proxy, automation tool, etc) is the same.

Could this low engagement be caused by my posting frequency? Or “must” there be other reasons?


You need to find the best for your account. Not what others do. Test. Post 3 a day for a few weeks, post 1, post 4 – etc. Also the times of posting for your accounts – Keep records or track posts. Each account is different even if in the same niche because each has its own flavor. How many times others post is a waste of time – all it says is how many times they post. nothing more.

Post more – lower ER but more impressions
Post less – higher ER lower impressions.

you decide what is best for your account


I understand I was not aware of “account flavours” . So maybe its just a stupid question. I tried it aIready with this account and i got the feeling 2 posts a week are not enough to keep the engagement up (as it goes down post by post). I just thought there exists a rule of thumb on how often you should post at least to keep the engagement up or something similar . but thanks for yor reply Alexnvo

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Flavor is meant by its different than others that’s all.

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Yes, you have to try it. Analyze and adjust the time period with socialblade or another tool. Above all, you should know what is more important to your client: Follower or engagement? If both are important, try to find a good mediocrity between your 2 periods. That in turn is only possible through try and error.

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thx roy. My clients dont know whats important for them ^^ They just want to be on instagram. For this client I am just posting twice a week and have no control over the content or content strategy. It’s really sad because they have a pretty good Illustrator who could do almost everything but they have neither a plan nor a strategy. They also wont post more often because for any reason they think posting twice a week is enough. I started the Account in the first month and made the decisions on how often to post and the numbers were fine. But now I am just watching how the account is getting less and less engagement and impressions(#sosad). I dont think there is another issue with the account because my jarvee seems to have no problems with my proxy and i dont get verifications or blocks. I can also hit explore on small hashtags so i guess its only because of the posting frequency.

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As an expert in your field, it’s up to you to tell them how many posts are best for growing the account.

Do your clients have at least one goal with the Instagram account? If their followers and commitment are not important to them, that’s not bad. Well, it would be good to know their goal. Then you can decide on this basis what to do.

I could maybe convince them to raise their posting frequency but i can’ tell them the engagement and Impressions will go up again then because I really dont know it. Watching the account going down feels really bad but I sould not care about it because it doesn’t care for them. But they pay and in the end they have a shitty account. Just does not feel right :slight_smile:

They should trust your decision. Without a certain amount of basic confidence in your work, long-term work is not possible.

You can not promise them anything, but you can tell them that it can not get any worse anyway …: D

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haha true but it was worse already. The first account they had they just bought 7k followers :ghost: