How often to post on IG per day?

What is a good number of times to post to IG per day?

I feel like the answer probably varies with each situation for the account, so I’m wondering if there are any rules of thumbs or different perspectives on this.

My accounts in reference are under 10K followers in early growth stages. They are just reposting quotes within the niche that people like, and I am also posting in quotes that I am promoting in amongst it to blend in and people who like that niche become exposed to these other quotes I’m promoting. Some of the accounts are doing like 5-6 posts per day, some doing maybe 8-10.

I see some big accounts only do 1 or 2 posts per day and just get big engagement. But in my situation currently I am trying to expose my posts to extra audiences for followers through hashtags, but also want a decent engagement on it. So I am wondering what is the best balance.

How does it work for posts showing up in people’s feeds if I went to only doing say 2-3 posts per day? (So it could be like 6 hours until a new post, instead of 2 hours or less). If the engagement is okay, would that post still stick around in people’s feeds for those extra 4 hours, or is it worth just having more frequent posts coming out?

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.

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I’ve heard. 2-4x/day is the sweet spot that allows you to get good engagement but also enough exposure through the hashtags. I’m doing up to 4/day on my growth accounts, and they’re all getting >10% engagement for the most part while also getting up to 275 followers/day.


2-3 is what has worked best for me for overall impressions and reach. I try to post once a day or every other day on my personal account, as that yields the best engagement per post. My engagement tends to be lower and more spread out when I post more than once a day. I guess it depends on your overall goal for the account. If you’re just trying to grow them, go for 2-3 times a day or even try 4 like suggested above. Once you’ve grown them and are trying to either sell or use them for brand deals/shoutouts, go for once a day to increase total engagement per post.


Thanks so much for the responses so far. That is really valuable!

I’ll share about what I’m trying to do, in case anyone has any other ideas that might help, as I’m doing things a bit differently.

Basically I am looking to help promote/give exposure to a public figure/charity who teaches and the images for IG are in the form of uplifting quotes (without going into the details of the niche - it’s not for fame or monetisation, but purely for branding and exposure to people who already like things in that niche to offer). However, it is also wanting to be done anonymously by the charity, so I can’t grow or directly relate to the charity page or create IG accounts with variations of the charity names. Instead, I have to use only methods which can either simply just give exposure to the quotes/person, or subtly direct people to his real IG.

Basically what I have been doing so far is using about 10 trial accounts growing within the relevant niche. I want to be able to post a decent number of quotes from him regularly, but as we want the anonymity of not having (totally) obvious promotional accounts we need to blend them in with other posts. I.e. probably no more than 1 in 4 of the posts can be from the charity/public figure. So that is why I had been posting around 1 quote from the person per day, and then blended in with the 5-10 other posts per day.

So going off what you have both said, I’d really like to reduce the number of posts per day for engagement purposes, but also keeping in mind I’ll need enough to be able to still blend in frequent enough posts that I’m trying to promote.

And so I’m going to be scaling this up, maybe to say 200 accounts. Got another 20 or so warming currently. And instead of reposting from original poster, I might use a lot of the additional accounts to do their posts as ‘Reposts of reposts’ from my other accounts, so that they all help build each other up.

I’m not sure if I have any specific question after sharing all of that, but I guess if any of you were trying to achieve what I’m doing do you have any thoughts on how you would go about it?

Hi there! What kind of account do you have? I have a personal photography/modeling account and posting 3-4 quality posts a day seems… well, kind of seems impossible for me.

3-4 is a ton, I would do 1 a day or every 2 days imo :slight_smile: gives your overall engagement a better outlook as well.


Great, thank you! I’ve been doing 1 every 4 days, but I’ve started posting one every 2 days. :slight_smile: I really don’t want to lessen the quality just to have the quantity.

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1 every 4 is also just fine. Even more time to gather likes and comments although usually it stops after a max of 36 hours even if you stuff it with good hashtags. Tagging people that you know will comment is almost better. Make em feel special as a whole in the caption if you do so :slight_smile:

Again all just my opinion :slight_smile:

I believe he’s referring to client accounts, or accounts he’ll be selling. He only posts once every 1-2 days on his personal accounts from what I’ve seen and they’re a similar niche to your own. Most of my friends in your niche post once a day typically, as do I.

Consistency is key :slight_smile: post once or twice a day to peak times. Try posting at different times first and then check which time performs the best. :slight_smile: