How safe is this? Change username

Hi there.
How safe is to change the username of an acct with 1k-2k followers running with URL full time in MP for months now. I just want to change the username of the acct not more.
Thank you.

There’s some risks. Out of five times i try to change, twice I’ll get a phone verification, resulting in one getting banned (I’m referring to accounts warmed about 2 weeks)

Yours are warmed for months so probably less risky

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Be prepared for a voluntary, (or involuntary) PV. If you see the little checkmark in your bio when changing things, 50/50 chance of a PV being required. Have that SIM ready.

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Do you think if removing the URL first from the account then letting it run without the URL for like 1-2 days max and then change the Username then let it like that for 1-2 days then insert the Previous/New url to it will be more okey ?

Can’t say for sure, I change URL’s from time to time, and have zero problems, however not a single one is CPA.

I’d be prepared for the profile checkpoint. No matter if you change URL or not, it might be there.

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