How should i monetize my cat account network?

i have about 20 cat accounts for instagram accounts all 5k+ followers, how can i monetize them?

What’s the engagement on those accounts?
Are those just reposts or original content?

reposting. about 5-10% Engagement

  1. Affiliate network
  2. Promos
  3. Your own brand
  4. And everything that comes up to your mind.

Honestly, the best way would be to take one main account and keep making shoutouts to it from all the other ones. You will have more options to monetize it when you have one big account instead of having 20 small ones. Good luck.

Should you even monetize yet?

I’d think you could make way more of an impact once they are all bigger together.

You’ll have your own army and can charge way more for the network.

Have you listened to @Alexnvo’s interview? Lots of good info about growing a network.

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you still need an even bigger number to monetize properly, for cat accounts I think you should go with affiliate stuff.

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