How should I phone verify Twitter accounts?


Twitter asked for phone verification and I heard hidemynumber stuff doens’t work with twitter… how do you phone verify twitter accounts?..

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked I haven’t tried this service yet, seems like new one, but maybe it works better than hidemynumbers or smspva. If you try it, please let us know how it went.

Buy real sim cards.
Don’t use that fakenumbers


I suggest the same thing.

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Yeah if somebody can share how they use Sim cars for phone verifications, that would be greatly appreciated!

use free sim card or buy from ebuy

Any update on how to virtually phone verify accounts? I can’t buy sims as in india one person can have only 12 sim cards and I’ve used all of them. Any other option would be much appreciated! Thanks

Check with @kraadnc

He offers phone verification services for other networks, see if you can use his service for Twitter.

I’ll check with him. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you can buy sims abroad ? Here the cheapest ones are only E 1, valid for 1 year.

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Thanks for mentioning me @Adnan!

Our SIM cards definitely work with Twitter. :slight_smile:

You can ask @mcnative when he has the time since he’s one of our biggest customers who uses his SIM cards for Twitter exclusively (for now).

I heard Twitter also requires phone verification via phone calls sometimes? Is this true?

Till now all verifications I had with Twitter were phone calls. A man’s voice speaking in English. Doesn’t matter which country you are in :slight_smile: There must be a reason why they do not use sms like IG.

Yes, so far so good! I have been verifying via @kraadnc service for Twitter with NP. I’m setting up the accts (adding #) in case they lock me out.

As far as voice, I wouldn’t be surprised, but, so far, so good. Just put code that is received w/o voice interaction. I’ll update everyone as I continue to go on (hopefully, I’ll remember!). Though, trying to fly below radar.

SO, @kraadnc’s service successfully verified Twitter via voice - they wanted to call in lieu of texting. It worked like a charm! @Tanuj_Kumar. I think this happens the 2nd time u need to verify. FYI - to all wondering.

Hey Kraadnc,

Just sent you a pm about this!

hi guys i would like to know who provide real phone number in EU from uk or russia or romania
i would like to use it for adidas and nike verification
please let me know

In settings you can get option to verify twitter account