How someone can grow like this?

Any idea of how an account can grow like this?
I know this personally but he don’t want to open up about his strategy telling he’s not using any services.
In my hopinion is actually lying. He’s gaining too many followers and loosing also.
Any idea?

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Giveaways, Purchasing fake followers, there are dozens of growth systems like this.

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He lost 11k followers in one day… Most probably he was using a loop giveaway.

Yeah was thinking giveaways too

He’s also not a so smart guy…
Posting everyday repost that he’s getting from big( milion of followers ) famous people but indian or turkish.
But where he could get a service like this? I mean,18k followers in just a day??

Nah, it’s not that hard, you just have to have a capital to spend.
Here are some bigger giveaways:

He’s buying fake followers (that you can either check on his profile), or GA loops (which is pretty much useless aswell in my opinion).

In any way, it’s not going to be good in the long run for him, but well … Thing is, many IG marketers aren’t aware that fake followers / GA loops aren’t healthy for the account. So obviously, most of clients who aren’t expert in growth, will think the same.

To them, big numbers = win.

There’s no point in growing so much when you will lose all of them and the quality is shit.Better to have less but quality and monetisable followers.

Thank you guys for helping me solve the “”“mistery”"" :joy:

The mystery is not such a good strategy :smiley: If you want to grow real genuine accounts.

Hey everyone, where can i find out about large giveaways ? I did some in Brazil and they worked well, It was only about $.10 or less per user and almost all women. I would to pay someone for more giveways in colombia, thailand, philippinnnes


He/ she is not a smart person, at least when it comes to instagram growth. The name of the game in growth is “stay under the radar” of IG’s detection systems. Once spikes in followers, likes, and/or impressions are recognized by IG is game over for that account. Meaning, the first thing to go down significantly is reach, your followers would not be shown your posts, and hashtags reach will plummet ASAP. The owner will regret his/her decision. Also, why people still hang up on fake numbers, can anyone influence bots? Retorical question :slight_smile:

you can use giveaway it will help you increase your followers.