How the TikTok Algorithm works (Step by step - Will help you go viral) Video

Saw this video on tiktok what are your guys thoughts?

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Any thoughts?

Interesting, especially the rewatch, so if we watch a content over and over again it will be viral ?

Sounds good.
Mostly outdated and incomplete information. A lot more factors play a pivotal roll that aren’t mentioned.
Also that point system doesn’t exist, it’s just easier to conceptualize a concept.

so how does it work and what to do?

interesting,but from where he know this maybe his a lvl3 member here(lol) or he’s on a chinese forum

He’s not, as this is the ONLY video of his that’s gone viral, the stuff he talks about is Dou-Yin about 2 years ago, and he has a pretty low follower count (before this video went viral). Not someone I’d probably take advice from.
TikTok or not, just in general.

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Not sure if that’s the right place to ask the question but I tried using Jarvee for one of my TikTok accounts just a few days ago and had major issues…like kicking me out all the time trying to verify the account, had to add cookies etc. when I contacted Jarvee they said they are working on solutions and they are aware of the issues per recent TikTok updates… I also think TikTok caught up on my attempts and shadow banned me since I get barley any views :woman_facepalming: anyone else having TikTok issues with Jarvee? Thanks!