How This guy gets 47k Shares

He maybe Managing 3000 to 5000 Facebook Accounts to get this result by using Jarvee or other Secret Tool. And Another Theory is He is using Publish_to_Groups Facebook Feature Correct me if I’m Wrong. Hes generating a lot of money with those Shares…I can highly go to 400k to 500k views within 15 to 24 hours with 150 plus groups where I am Admin…I am kinda jealous of this guy because I can do better if I know the Process :grimacing::crossed_fingers:And I am looking Forward to some Knowledgable Answers whether its jarvee+Proxies or Socianator+proxies or Facebook App Or Graph Api #Publish_to_Groups…or Anthing I dont know About

Before you answer Let me tell guys this that If I dont find a proper genuine way Then I gonna fu$₩ing buy 20+ Android Phones with 20 Sims and gonna purchase data to every single one of them And gonna use 3 to 5 Facebook Aged Accounts on each of them.

Advantages: Will get new Device code new ips…And Will work like 20 people using 20 devices with 3 Accounts on each phone and for sharing part I can use few Android Automations And Kiwi browser for Chrome extentions if I need some Group poster.

#This is my First post on MPSocial Hope you see me as a New Comer if I broke any rules & Regulations.

Here is a Screenshot of that Page post with 47k Shares :rofl::rofl::rofl: Not by People by Himself.


You can build your 4g proxies in your country, and build a lot of FB accounts then use MP app to manage them.

Check your inbox bro

There are some very big networks out there run on an industrial basis with 100s of employees and 100,000s of accounts.

This isn’t a trick it’s just scaling!


Its not worth it for 1000 employees because fb is blocking their monetization how do you think they pay their employees…Its a single guy with few 100 proxies and 500 Account I did the Research.

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100 proxies x 500 Account = 1 employee x 100

It’s worth it :slight_smile:

Its not worth it because they are not geeting any money from Facebook and having negative balances becauae of proxies…What math you have done bro…Its Not worth it even with 10 Employees.

Looking forward to more sharing