How to access HD photos via Instagram in 2021?

I just noticed that photos downloaded from Instagram on desktop are now super low resolution.

Is there a way around this?

Previously, I was downloading when I needed and had permission. Images were 1080x1080 when downloaded via the Chrome inspect console - but now they’re at some terrible resolution like 480x480. Does anyone know what’s going on and how to get around it?

You can use this website to download photos from Instagram, I was able to download 1080x1080 photos.

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This website gives the same images as downloaded from the chrome console.

I think that particular image that you’re trying to download might be in low resolution. I just tried downloading few images and some of them were of better res.

I’ve just done some digging and one Reddit user mentioned this:

Looks like Instagram now locks all the high-resolution images behind the private account wall

That’s news to me!

I tested my own images (which are all HD) and came across the same problem.

yes I think there was a change lately about image dowloading it seems that IG considered that content theft of some kind and they made that change.

Thanks, Luca!

Do you know if there’s any way to download them/get around it?

I deal with plenty of legitimate reposting requests and it’s a lot easier if I don’t have to ask people to send me an hd image.

I just used downloadgram to download an IG image, the image quality isn’t bad (resolution: 1080x1350). I also tried another website, it gives me the same result.

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Cheers, @ossi. That one worked for me as well.

I have no idea what was happening, but you guys just saved me a lot of time on my workflow :+1:

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