[how to] account warm up and avoid action blocks

Account warm up phase :fire::fire:

1 Choose a niche

2.Publish 10-15 posts

3.Set up your bio + Profile pic

4.Link your page to a fb page

5.Follow 10-15 people + like + some comments from the app


7.Use super slow settings for the first 5-6 days

8.Follow + like comments + comments + save posts + like unit

9.For F/U I start with 5-15 follows per day and scale it via 2-3 for each day for the first 5-7 days , afterwards I start scaling with 10 for the second week and starting from the third week I scale it via 20 follows until i hit 200-220 follows per day

10.Delay between follows , I use super random delays for each account , ranging from 25-60 or so ,I also change the delays for each account after 4-5 days to not create a pattern

11.Delay between operations , I use 15/30/45 -120/250/360 minutes , i switch them up and change them aswell every 4-5 days , Lets say i follow for 1 week with a delay of 15-120 minutes , the next week i will use 35-85 minutes and so on

12.Use other units , make it look like you are a real person using the app , dont follow everyday dont unfollow everyday etc . I suggest using stories and like comments and also the like tool but with super slow settings aswell

13.Post post post , I usually post 3-4 times per day on each account

14.I use F/U untill 3-4k followers or so and after that I focus only on the content

15.If you are a repost page , repost only viral content and try different hashtags until you find a group that works for your page

16.Boost your photos with DM groups ,engagement groups , panels and if FG or SNT will come back use those services.

17.Thats mostly my process with each account , and also if you have temp blocks or compromised accounts , just let those accounts rest for 1-2 days and after that start the warmup process again but with 50 % of the actions that you were doing before the block


Very helpful! Bookmarked this one for reference. Will test these settings out.

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Do you publish 10-15 posts directly after account creation?

Dayymn bro your numbers are way up, I also am getting 500 600 followers per day on one of my biggest insta’s any ideas how to keep that up i’m afraid its gonna go down anyday now.

This is really an excellent idea to keep switching the delay times.
Definitely looks more human like
Great post!

thank you so much

keep posting viral content everyday and you should be fine

in that day yes , not directly after creating the account in a time period of 10-12 hours

thank you so much man

thank you so much man

Some nice growth there - I think the warm up process will always be changing but is worth it for long term health if accounts

no problem mate

indeed thats true

Very detailed guide. Thanks for sharing

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Thank you very much!
Bookmarked for furder information :smiley:
May I ask who is you proxy provider?

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Thank you so much , DM me for proxy

Do not post 10-15 posts right away when making an account. Good way to get banned or a phone verification. Spread them out, only a few posts per day + spread each post out a few hours.

thank you so much

i post them in that day , not all of them at once ,and even so if i did i never had any issues with uploading photos every 1 minute

I have personally experienced phone verification on fresh accounts by posting too quickly in one day. Under 15 posts. May not happen every time.