How to activate instagram shopping in countries that aren’t able to use this feature?

I am in China, some people can use the instagram shopping feature, how can they do?

have you tried using VPN, creating and using accounts from there? make sure to use countries were that option is enabled.

I had a similar situation when I was in china. Best solution would be to get a second phone, don’t have a sim card in it, turn the GPS off, and use a VPN.

Then download Instagram and login. Make sure you log out of any other phones with it logged in. Eventually Instagram might notice you changed locations and offer it.

However with Instagram shopping if you are selling through Instagram checkout Facebook might ask you for business documents to verify you. And also of course you should have a Shopify store to connect to Instagram shopping.

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For a second phone you could just get a cheap redmi 5A it’s about 275 rmb on taobao.

VPN is the only way. I agree with ewjxmes, that’s a good solution. It’s best to purchase a phone from a location where there is that particular option, if possible of course.

i don’t think Shopify is necessary you can have any of the trusted store providers and it should work fine.

Thanks! I will try and let you know if it works

And do u know about how long I can use the shopping feature after I do all these things? Or do you think it is better for me to register a new instagram account on a new phone?

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Sure, we have to use VPN to login instagram in China. But only VPN is not enough, I just got a google phone pixel 3, use VPN on this phone, and fake GPS to modify the location to USA. Will let you know if it works.