How to Add a tiktok account to Jarvee?

Each time i add an account i keep getting “Action Required”, how do you guys login with your tik tok accounts on Jarvee, and how to make them Valid ? Thanks in advance!

Same problem here!

They say log off from the account from all devices and leave it only on jarvee and later try after 5-7 days , so i guess i’ll try this, unless there is another solution out there.

Have you tried resetting the device ID? It worked on one of my accounts.

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Yes i tried it but it didn’t help.

Still haven’t got my accounts to function consistently… :upside_down_face:

Jarvee tiktok module is shit. I’m still waiting for it to be stable

Do you use proxy for this account? If yes, try to change it, maybe it doesn’t like your proxy.

It seems there’s no other way but to rest the account for at least 5-7 days. In the meantime if you want to just test the tools, you can try creating a new account on the embedded browser, then add the credentials in Settings tab and verify your account. I found it easier to verify a new account than an existing one.

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Aren’t new fresh accounts more vulnerable of being banned while automated than old ones ? i’m thinking it’s like on Instagram and twitter aged accounts are always better for this.