How To Add Someone To IG Account With Limited Permissions?

I’m hiring a Virtual Assistant from UpWork to post on my IG Story each weekend for a few hours

How do I add them to my IG account WITHOUT them being able to change my password, delete my wall posts, edit my bio, etc?

I don’t want to lose my account or have it sabotaged so I can’t just give my password to them!

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Unfortunately you can’t stop them deleting everything etc while they are on it. You just need to find someone trustworthy. Look for someone that has kids, mouths to feed etc. Ones that actually need the money.

Really? Wow… surprising that massive 1M+ accounts trust people to run accounts like that

Well is there a way I can prevent them from changing my password or username at least? Surely there’s a way to prevent my account from being hacked?

Are you saying I literally have to give them my password and they’re able to change it too?